Sunday 22 June

What a great day for everyone with reasonable weather (it is winter!) and plenty of truffle to be found by the dogs.  After a brief introduction to truffles and their host trees, the hunting dog handler Jayson Mesman explained the activities of the dogs and how they operate to detect and mark mature truffle.  The hunt was launched and many beautifully ripe truffles were lifted from the ground.  Back to the warmth of the processing room, and while the truffles were being washed, key points of the nature of truffles and the Australian industry were covered in a brief slide presentation before truffle snacks were served to all.  The food comprised tastings of leek, potato and parsnip soup, crusty bread with truffle butter, triffle brie truffled cheese, a chocolate mousse and a white chocolate pana cotta, all with lashings of truffle. Delicious!  Can’t promise it will be the same very week, but it will be good!