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What will 2018 hold for us

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For the second year in a row we have had very hot and dry summer months requiring diligent monitoring of moisture content and irrigation to ensure a good fruiting season. Growers are hoping for the …

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The Rain and Heat

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The local weather continues to confound the local truffle growers, pushing back the harvest dates. The increased warmth of the past week has significantly increased the 100 mm below ground temperatures from 5 degrees C …

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The Truffle Festival for 2015

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Local growers are gearing up for the 2015 Truffle Festival and looking forward to another good season.

Unfortunately, from 2015 Blue Frog is harvesting mid week and will not be conducting hunts for the public as part …

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Sunday 22 June

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What a great day for everyone with reasonable weather (it is winter!) and plenty of truffle to be found by the dogs.  After a brief introduction to truffles and their host trees, the hunting dog handler Jayson Mesman …

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